Yes I do! I try to open about 5 slots per month. Just send me an email here : kawainestore@gmail.com, and I will let you know how much it would be and how long it will takes. After that I will put a listing with the title CUSTOM ORDER once you have paid I will start to work on your order. For custom order payment is ALWAYS on advance.
Generally there are two custom orders types: custom fairies/mermaids chibis OR pop characters chibis from anime, manga, movies, cartoons etc.. I CAN’T: Recreate a chibi I have already made. Like I said, anything here at Lenvalc is unique, so you can request a specific color scheme I have used, for example, but you can’t request anything like “can you please copy this chibi of yours? I’d like to have the hair in the same position/shape”. No guys, I can’t do that;
You can customize: – color scheme – eyes color – hair color/hair lenght – outfit/if it’s a mermaid, tail/fins type
After you’ve purchased the listing with CUSTOM ORDER on title, you may want to convo me and tell me: 1. whether you prefer a mermaid or a fairy 2. hair color 3. eyes color 4. color scheme you’d like me to use 5. hair style (if you have no idea, I’ll just go according to my tastes) 6. any other detail about the outfit (if you choose a fairy) – any other detail for your mermaid (for example.. green flowers in the hair, a starfish on her face, elf ears/human ears/ i don’t want to see ears, I want glitter, I don’t want glitter, I want gold accents, I want silver accents, I don’t want accents at all). Remember I cannot be in your mind, so any detail you want me to make must be written in the form or I will just go according to my tastes.
Of course. I’m going to make your doll, bake it, add some details, and once it is done, I will show her to you. :)
NO. Guys, just NO. First of all it is rude to ask me to copy someone else’s work. I mean, if you come to me it means you like what I do, no what other people make. Secondly that is called stealing because I am actually making profit on someone else’s hard work. Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but it totally bothers me.
From today I have decided to offer as a possibility a layaway program , to allow even those who do not immediately have the total due to buy my creations and pay over time. I accept layaway plan for creations from 50 dollars up Let's see how it works : Send me a private message and let me know you want use the layaway plan. - I change the listing in RESERVED and put the first payment as price, usually a 50% is required at the time of checkout, and must be paid on that day. The terms are for 30 days I'll send you a Paypal invoice for the other payments -2nd payment due at 15 days -Final payment +shipping due at 30 days In any case, the full amount must be paid within 30 days from first purchase or the creation will be made available again Your package will be shipped in 2-3 days after received total amount. Please note each payment is NOT REFUNDABLE, you can not ask back the advances paid. Layaways can not be traded for another creation.
As a general rule I ship worldwide. If you want to be sure about that though, feel free to send me an email at kawainestore@gmail.com;
I use REGULAR SHIPPING: This is the standard and cheapest way to get your purchase. a. The mail is traceable as long as it is in Italy (and until it leaves Italy); b. It generally takes more or less 10/14 days to arrive (it may be less, it may be more depending on where you precisely live, the weather conditions and stuff like that);
Sure! In facts, if you have a 50+dollars order, I would suggest you to choose this shipping method. a. If you choose this shipping method, you’ll get a code after I ship the mail out. This code can be used on the Italian post service website to track the parcel while it’s in Italy (HERE). Then, you can use it on your own post service website: please notice that you won’t be able to use the code on your post service website until the parcel gets to your country. b. It generally takes more time to get to your country (from 2 up to 8 weeks); c. (IMPORTANT!!!) Someone has to be at home when it arrives as you need to confirm you have received it by signing the receipt. If nobody is at home when the package arrives, it will be brought back to your local post office and you’ll have to go there to pick it up. d. All you have to do to get this shipping method, is to select this option before the check out.
I ship from Italy by International Registered Air Mail complex artworks (50$-80$) I ship by Priority Air Mail little pieces (20$-40$) Registered Air Mail: -For European buyers it takes about from 5 to 7 working days -For U.S. and Canada it can take from 7 to 15 working days It has a tracking number and needs your signature you can track package here:http://www.trackitonline.ru/ in "which service?" you select Poste Italiane If you want Priority Air Mail less expensive and faster but less safe it DOESN'T have tracking Number you ave to ask it before buying. This is the standard and cheapest way to get your purchase. a. The mail is traceable as long as it is in Italy (and until it leaves Italy); b. It generally takes more or less 5/10 days to arrive (it may be less, it may be more depending on where you precisely live, the weather conditions and stuff like that); ☆☆☆Note for Christmas Shoppers☆☆☆ After the Month of October please inquire if there will be enough time to guarantee Christmas arrival on custom orders, this may depend on what you are ordering and where you are located. You are welcome to place orders for Christmas commissions late into the holiday season baring in mind that you may need to give an IOU card the day of. If you already ordered a commission with the intention of giving it as a Christmas or Holiday Gift, regardless of when it was ordered, it is important that you let me know this is your intention so I can do my best to meet your needs. Thank You! Enjoy your Holiday shopping.
If the parcel gets lost (to say it’s lost you need to wait at least two months), I can’t remake the doll/s you have purchased as each one is a unique piece, but if you chose traceable shipping (ONLY if you choose traceable one), I can refund you at 100%, shipping costs included. Instead, if the mail gets lost and you chose regular shipping, I’m not responsible for the loss, but make sure to contact me and I’m sure we’ll figure something out. Just for you to know, I have been shipping worldwide since 2008 and until now only 1 parcel got lost.